i.e: burger's, Italian, Mike's
New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Eclectic & International, Pub Food, American

1801 Lombard St

(215) 732-5006


Laura Jill S.
This review is based mostly on beer & atmosphere. However, I did glance at the menu...there WAS hummus on it (gee thanks, for the weak nod the the veggie...read more
Matt G.
Went with work friends from Graduate Hospital because it is so close, and what a mistake that was. The one old rude waitress was not accommodating, skipped...read more
Casey K.
I have yet to come here for games, but I live down the block and just love the low key vibe of this place! It dicey, but not dirty and the staff are great....read more
Jenny L.
Salads are delicious, sandwiches are great. pretty much everything i have eaten here is awesome.read more
Sam .
LT is the best bartender ever. My friend used to call to see if he was working before we went.read more
Get invited to play on the softball team. $50 to join. Free drinks April to august.read more
Lorin G.
If you don't order the Mystery Beer, you are a damn fool.read more
Delicious Chili! I crave this and cannot wait for the cold weather to kick in to enjoy it even more!read more
Jack C.
Best wings, ever. No joke. Friendly staff. The place I bring friends and family to when they're visiting.read more
Erik W.
Disappointed with all of the 'Best Wings' recommendations. They were worth the money, especially for how many you get for $9, but sauce was just ok and I'm not a huge fan of skin-only wings.read more
Visit Philly
This spot has old school board games that you probably haven't played since you were seven. Think Yahtzee, Candy Land and Trouble.read more
Charles B.
best buffalo wings in Philly and a great dive bar.read more
Jack C.
Best wings, ever. No joke. Friendly staff. The place I bring friends and family to when they're visiting.read more
Gabriel M.
Order the mystery beer. It's a beer in a brown bag but you don't know what it. It could even be a boat.read more
Katherine J.
Mack's the best!! Food is great. Too many blondes!read more
Linus G.
Handle the giant wax ball.read more
Charles B.
Best wings outside of Buffaloread more
Marvin N.
Awesome wings and nachos!read more
Enjoy Mystery Beer for $3read more
Michael S.
Try the shrimp PO boy!read more
Matt W.
Try an ostrich burger!read more
Mike P.
Wings & A cold beer time out!read more
Nik K.
Nice beer selection. Quick service.read more
Sid M.
Play Yahtzee, Candy Land or Trouble! Sweet!read more
watch out for that chris, he's a heartbreakerread more
Michael S.
Crispy, perfectly sauced Buffalo Wings.read more
Ruby R.
Great service & beer selection! So fun!read more
Tina T.
Golden Monkey on tap and beer to go!read more
Gabriel M.
Manu Jenobleeread more


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