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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Taqueria Tlaquepaque #2


721 Willow St

(408) 287-9777


Catherine L.
YUM! A lovely Mexican restaurant. Ordered the Chicken enchiladas (#21) and was not disappointed. Piping hot, melted cheese on top of refried beans,...read more
Mr. Clean x.
When in San Jose & craving Mexican food this is Ur spot! After being seated my wife & I didn't have to wait long for some fresh hot chips & tasty salsa....read more
Cathie N.
This place gets crowded! Come early! Also, it's really loud inside! I came with a three other people and we had a table in the corner next to the window and...read more
Miz D T.
One of my fav mexican places to grub on food goes gr8 w/ a chavela!! ;)read more
Juan Carlos ..
Chips and Salsa are awesome. Sprinkle a salt on chips to liven them upread more
Marshall S.
This is the real 4 Square check the other one is not the original.read more
Jonathan S.
Try the super chicken tacos: they're excellent! Great salsa too!read more
Shrimp Fajitas are incredible and their complimentary chips and salsa is excellent.read more
Nirav S.
the tres mexicanas enchiladas are so good! just make sure you get enough red sauce on top.read more
Food was great but the server had no personality and was mean... She was about to charge us for her mistake of placing the wrong order. Again, food was great.read more
Stephen C.
The house specialty steak were thin. They put a bunch of onion to cover it up. Beers are top notch!read more
Shriyansh J.
Super Chavera is the best drink at the place. Must try .!read more
Yezel R.
Prove that you're a mexican macho man by ordering camarones a la diabla! Frkn delicious!read more
Marlon H.
Shrimp Burrito is NOT on the menu; but if you order it, you'll be tainted forever...read more
Yezel R.
Please order 'camarones a la diabla'. Do it for me.read more
Order a SUPER CHAVELA and you're set!read more
Jennifer B.
Get the green sauce, it's super tasty!read more
Sean V.
order a super chavelas! soo goodread more
Celeste V.
Super Chavela & Chicken Nachosread more
Marshall S.
my favorite place to eatread more
Angel L.
Everything is good here!!!read more
Hanna C.
You gotta get your burrito wet! Trust.read more
Laurie A.
Love the food but hard to find parking.read more
Veronica P.
They serve Horchata in a huge glass!!! Yummy!read more
Join the party---> www.facebook.com/SolrokThePartyread more
Marshall S.
here the same time as Ryan but he's not here?read more
Try "Carne a la Mexicana", real Mexican tasteread more
Reggie B.
awesome chavelas and garlic shrimp plateread more
Marshall S.
408eric is weakread more


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