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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Tenno Japanese Restaurant

Sushi, Japanese, $$$

3408 W End Ave

(615) 386-8399


Erin J.
I usually end up at Tenno during the weekday lunch hour. It's a pretty good place but nothing spectacular or special. Hence the "A-OK" rating. It's not...read more
Lisa G.
I'm a little ashamed to admit that my office is less than a block from Tenno and it took me 4 years to try it. My department walked over for a little team...read more
Bridgette C.
I'll come out and say it: having sushi in a land-locked state scares me. Its hard to get something really fresh when its 8 hours to the nearest ocean. And...read more
Isaac V.
Super Crunchy Roll is both super and crunchy. And roll.read more
Aly A.
Yummy playgirl roll. Funny name, delicious sushi roll!read more
Jason T.
Favorite rolls: Sunny Roll, Dragon Roll, and Crazy Roll (it really is crazy).read more
George D.
For a quick tasty lunch, go with the hibachi or bento box. You'll leave satisfied.read more
Scott G.
Get the Nashville roll. But only if you like to party.read more
Dustin C.
Love the noodles here....The sushi is ok....but go for the noodles, there great.read more
Phil D.
The tiger eye roll isn't that spicy. Give it a try!read more
Kellie F.
The Crazy Roll, delicious!read more
lauren s.
get the playgirl roll!read more
Chrispy R.
Mmmm. . . Sushiread more
Brandie R.
The Mimi Roll is a must have!read more
Timothy W.
Best sushi you will ever have!read more
Mike S.
Tough to beat the Spicy Shrimp Bento Box!read more
Sam D.
Try the Nashville roll or the Titan roll.read more
Ryan M.
Playboy and Playgirl rolls are awesome.read more
Kay D.
Awesome sushiread more


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