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That Pie Place

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6355 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Northeast

(770) 394-4743


Janelle D.
I found them to be okay. Even though I knew the pies probably weren't at their freshest because we've gotten them to go, they've been piping hot both times...read more
Sharon M.
Today my coworkers and I decided to try this restaurant, and aren't we happy we did! Please keep in mind that they don't serve your typical pizza (which is...read more
Wendy R.
Definitely a hidden gem in Dunwoody, the owners have created a concept around a food that has global appeal - PIE! That Pie Place has perfected the portable...read more
Lindy F.
Buffalo Chicken with the avocado ranch dipping sauce is delightful.read more
Travis T.
Elvis pie is good but use a fork & knife or be prepared to get messy!read more
Luke A.
Cuban pie is awesome! Good by itself but the mojo is also killer.read more
Differentsideof M.
Yeah im fat today cause i ordered twice. This place is greatread more
Dale J.
Really good! Quick, nice service people. Great alternative to a sandwich.read more
DrinkMoreCoffee J.
They need Worcestershire Sauce. Bring your own. Good pies though.read more
Jackie M.
Half priced pies from 4 - 6 p.m. on weekdays. A great bargain and really tasty.read more
City Saver
Use your Atlanta City Saver coupons to receive one free pie (up to $10 value), or 50% off any menu item.read more
Shannon M.
Even though they have a breakfast menu and four square shows them open in the morning, they actually don't open until 11am throughout the week.read more
Lee K.
Food was so so. Pie crust bland and food bland. Great concept but culinary part just not up to parread more
Josh M.
Try the Sweet BBQ pie with side of Asian Slaw. Very good!read more
Keshia Nicole
Jerk Chicken Pie is great. I added rice to mines and there was no extra charge!read more
John B.
Bacon Cheeseburger pie was very bland. I'm sure the others are much better.read more
Duncan M.
Shepard's pie, Caesar salad, cherry pie... Great stuffread more
Keshia Nicole
Salmon teriyaki is great!read more
Differentsideof M.
I loveeeeeeee this place :)read more
The cheesecake pie is great!read more
Wil K.
Try the cinnamon wedges!read more
Mimi H.
Salmon Teriyaki is yum!read more
Carolyn D.
No real pies.read more
Duncan M.
Philly cheese steakread more
Keshia Nicole
Try the Salmon Teriyaki. Amazing .read more
Calvin H.
The best croutons on their salads!!read more
Shayon M.
Baked pies FAST! S'more and pecan couldn't be better!read more
Wayne P.
Delicious! I could eat 3 or 4 of these at one sitting.read more
Duncan M.
Bacon cheeseburger pie with tater tots... Fantasticread more
Jesse J H.
The breakfast pies are Great hangover food.read more
Richard L.
Pecan Pie with Hot Fudge!! Enough said!read more
Richard L.
Pecan pie with hit fudge!!! Enough said!read more
Antonio T.
great foodread more


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