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The Blue Nile

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545 W 9 Mile Rd

(248) 547-6699


J T.
The food was good and the experience was unique. While we did not, I can see how it it would be easy to go full vegetarian here. The place was super clean,...read more
Kimberley S.
Love this place. The unique tastes of the food makes me want to come back more and more! You can get vegetarian or I usually get all you can eat with meat!...read more
Eric H.
Awesome experience here! Great and very unique atmosphere. The food was quite good and authentically Ethiopian. We went with a group of people and all...read more
Jasper W.
The brown lentil ravioli, the cabbage ravioli and the spicy beef ravioli are my favorite NOMs from the Ethiopian Ravioli Feast platter.read more
Katie T.
Worst service ever!!!!! Blue Nile in Ann arbor is my favorite restaurant then I came here and was completely disappointedread more
Joy S.
To get the full effect you must eat the bread. They will give you a fork if you ask, but it tastes different. Get the hot tea-it's awesome.read more
Gene S.
(1) Use the injara that lines the platter to pick up the meat & vegetables. Don't get filled up on the injara served on the side. (2) Ask for berberé awaze (sauce) if you need stronger spicier flavor.read more
Katie A.
The food is amazing and the wait staff were impeccable! I highly recommend this dining experience.read more
While the service was painfully slow (they really need to invest in a host(ess)), our waitress was super helpful and friendly and the food was delicious! Will absolutely return.read more
Not the best service, but neither Is the other place across town. Food is better here.read more
Angela D.
The hot Tea is great! No sugar needed :-)read more
Bill R.
Don't eat to much of the breadread more
Tara Z.
I bust tables here. [:read more
Shara E.
Great food, never was much for customer service.read more
Joy S.
Go to restaurant.com and buy a coupon for 1/2 off.read more
Martha J.
They no longer take Restaurant.com gift certificates - but it's not clearly marked.read more
Jenn J.
The vegetarian feast is SO good! Our six year-old wears it out! :-)read more
Martha J.
The service was beyond slow, and our waitress quite rude.read more
Jordan M.
Food is fantastic.read more


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