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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

The Brews Brothers (fka Rock 'n Roll Thai)

Mexican, Bar, Burgers

1571 2nd Ave

(212) 249-2222


Michael C.
Food was flavorless and didn't come with the ingredients as stated in the menu (sour cream, guar, etc.). Taco salad was 90% lettuce and clearly well below...read more
William P.
I grew up in so cal, and lived in texas for 5 years, I love mexican food and it's what I eat 80% of the time. I don't know what to call what these guys...read more
Loretta J.
Ordered Nachos Grande with beef chili. The delivery was fast at 11pm. The menu mentioned that the nachos came with beans, salsa, jack and cheddar cheeses,...read more
Russell P.
they offer about a billion beers - impress your beer snob friendsread more
Kathleen G.
Tonight is the last night Brews is open!!!! Come down and party for our last night.read more
Brian T.
Wow. The burgers here are actually really good. Not gonna lie... Kinda shocked . the real deal. Go for the onewith mushrooms and gravy.read more
Caroline D.
1$ drafts on the UES!read more
Derek V.
Over a 100 beers to choose from and lemme tell ya the Dumplings were fantastic. Yes, Dumplings from bar and there were great.read more
Eddie A.
Great place to hang out, try the basil chicken for sure!read more
Caroline D.
check out the extensive beer listread more
Lars N.
The trippin burger is great.read more
Leftonred A.
Adrien, obviously you haven't drunken a lot of beers.read more
Adrian H.
Try any of the 100 beers they haveread more
Larry V.
PBR on tap, one of the few places I've seen thatread more
Michael M.
Best bar on the upper east side $10 pitchers till tenread more
Cindy H.
Spinach dip was soupy but good times with friendsread more
Frank S.
Bad, tasteless food, indifferent management, unclean conditions: What else needs to be said? I live in the area and have been there several times, but even though they offer out-of-town sporting events on TV which is a lure for me, I wouldn't eat there on a bet anymore. You shouldn't either, IMO.Sorry…read more
Been around for a while: Sushi Generation is a very large place that always has a lot of open seating. It's very pleasant to pass by - but the one time I dined there, the food was terrible. I can only assume that that one time was an abberation or else this large…read more