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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

The Clique Restaurant

Brunch, Wraps, American

1326 E Jefferson Ave

(313) 259-0922


Jeffrey A.
It's a Rivertown dive, attached to a Motel, yes, and the fake plants look almost real due to the intense sunlight coming through the vast windows. A very...read more
Brian S.
Three to Four stars on food.....always, but on my most recent visit, the service was awful. I walked in and sat down at my usual booth.... I grabbed a...read more
Nikki C.
I FINALLY made it to Clique after seeing it all my life, sitting there on Jefferson, attached to a motel -- not exactly something that would attract me to...read more
Mollie Rose B.
Seriously amazing food. Looks like nothing from the outside though.read more
Piper C.
Salmon, Scrambled Eggs w Cheese, Hashbrowns, Coffee Light & Sweet!read more
SherAaron H.
Omg! My mom and I use to go here EVERY SATURDAY MORNING! LOVE ITread more
Joy S.
Get the bacon. The short rib dinner on Wednesday has always been great!read more
Johnny Lee J.
Ditto the Kim tip. Best brunch in Detroit. Consistent and quick.read more
John D.
Amazing food, the pancakes are great.. This is now my favorite spot in Detroitread more
not getting a side of pancakes would be one of the more regrettable decisions you've ever made. get some pancakes, foolread more
Mollie Rose B.
Corned beef hash was amazing. This place is great, even though t looks like nothing from the outside.read more
Jason R.
Tip your waitstaff and tell Kim "Jason Rashaad sent me."read more
grabbing breakfast on sunday? get here before 10:30 to beat the church crowdread more
Nate W.
Get Kim if possible ... tell her Wallace sent youread more
Great place to eat breakfast.read more
Nate W.
The Big Clique is f-ing awesome!read more
Connie H.
The hashbrowns are so yummy.read more
Amonyet ( MAIA CROWN) E.
The hashbrowns are LiFE!!read more
Pamela H.
BEST grits in Detroit!read more
Chantay L.
The pancakes and salmon croquettesread more
Shavonne S.
Grilled Cinnamon Roll is a must try.read more
Kevin M.
Get the veggie omelette and add bacon, so goodread more
Jamil B.
The French Toast is always a good choice.read more
hudson cafe wishes it was half this goodread more
Crystal J.
The bacon and pancakes are EVERYTHING!read more
Joy S.
Get the baconread more


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