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The Pint Room

Hamburgers, Bar, Burgers

4415 W Dublin Granville Rd

(614) 889-6558


Mack H.
I am in the "just OK" camp on The Pint Room. If I had the option I'd give it 2.5 stars out of 5 rather than 2 - but I can't justify 3 stars. It's a solid...read more
Denise C.
Extensive beer list, lots of TVs for sports-watching, and bartender was nice (I think he recognized my friend, though, whom I was visiting). Didn't eat...read more
Meghann T.
Meh. It was just OK, in regard to food and service. Sort of bummed I drove 30 miles completely out of my way to try it out. Busy around 5-6 PM during the...read more
Kate S.
Love the McKenzie's Lazy Black Cherry, Lazy lemon, Abita strawater, and Riverivertown Pumpkin Ale are Delish !read more
Jennifer K.
Try the hangover burger - egg, bacon and hash browns. Split it with a friend to ease the guilt. It's worth it.read more
Toshi ⚾.
Shelly #2 ( Whitney ) is also the greatest staff! She helped me pick the best draft beer! I will come back!read more
Geoff R.
You can mix the sauces. If you want you can have BBQ and buffalo instead of just one or the other.read more
Geoff R.
Great staff! Shelly at the bar is wonderful. Best employee here. Friendly. Remembers who you are. What you like to drink. Etc...read more
Bob O.
Three things: 1. Hot pants. Yep. 2. No. This are not the sinks you would install in a bar restroom. 3. No. Jack Hannah does not have a nipple there.read more
Jennifer N.
Great beer selection, tasty grub & really nice, informed staff. Only downside - it is verra loud. I always feel like I'm yelling just to carry on a conversation and come out w/ringing ears.read more
Matthew M.
Plenty of beer choice, and Strongbow! Idaho Wedges and Wings are all you need with a few beers :-) Great place, it'll bring me back to Dublin pretty soon...read more
Kaitlin E.
Awesome place awesome food! Great atmosphere and servers are awesome and on top of itread more
Geoff R.
Don't be those guys who come in here and order a Bud Light or a Mich Ultra. If you do, at least order food. What's the point? C'mon!read more
Joseph G.
AMAZING PLACE!!' Great atmosphere, great food, and Phenomenal beer selection.read more
Megan B.
Black toilets in the litter box are weird.read more
Geoff R.
Best bar in town. Great food too. Great service.read more
Geoff R.
Shelley is awesome! Best bartender around.read more
Geoff R.
Try the Irish. Great sandwich.read more
Andrew Z.
Need a beer tour!read more
Annette R.
Happy hour begins at 3pm. $2 off all drafts. Yeah!!read more
Stephanie W.
The burgers are phenomenal. Get the chips as a side!read more
Barbara C.
Great hamburgers. Try p-nut butter and strawberry one! Really!read more
Sean W.
This place has an awesome beer selection, and the food is pretty good.read more
Kaitlin E.
Highly recommend this place! Great food and fun atmosphere :)read more
Jenni M.
Don't be afraid - try the PBB&J burger. It's delicious!read more
Luis D.
Last coast tangerine wheat beer, fathead bumble berryread more
Dave W.
GREAT BURGERS!!!!read more


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