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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

The Salsa Room (TSR)

Nightclub, Latin American, Dance Schools

2619 Columbia Pike

(703) 685-0790


Aaron M.
Everyones experiences in life differ. This is my account of The Salsa Room. First, when a friend of mine told me about TSR I was immediately excited. He...read more
Alex A.
I have known of this place since it was called Cecilia's a few years back, but I'd never actually gone in. Just so happens that I'm a salsa-bachata addict...read more
Sarah C.
For dancing and classes, great place! The instructors were good and live music was excellent. However, they enforce a dress code that is not advertised on...read more
Ezri B.
On Saturday night they play the same songs almost every Saturday. It's getting boringread more
Spacious. Good music. Be sure to get your VIP card or honestly it's not worth paying that much when you can dance for free at other venues. All in all, a legitimate place for some latin dance.read more
Look at ur bill, gratuity is already charged no matter how many the party is,read more
Karina V.
Wednesday night bachata lessons, new fancy steps to learn and try out.read more
Erinn W.
Best salsa in Northern VA!read more
Jessica R.
lomo saltado espectacular!read more
Sasa X.
$7.99 lunch comes with a drink, soup, entree and some bread.read more
Patrick G.
This is such a fun place! Amy the bartender is sooo friendly!read more
Wayne P.
Great place for salsa.read more


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