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TJ Asian Bistro

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50-19 Skillman Ave

(718) 205-2088


Maria E.
Waaaait, what? I haven't reviewed TJ yet? Shame on me! I am very happy I live close to this place...it's not the most amazing sushi I've ever had but it's...read more
Rosa R.
This is my favorite sushi place in NY, no doubt. Actually, my favorite sushi place, period. My first reason is the food itself. Everything i've tried here...read more
Luis C.
Tj's is probably the best sushi I have ever had. The location is great, small and provides an intimate setting whether you are on a date or just want some...read more
Josh N.
Sit down with a few friends, get a lot of their specialty rolls, and make a relaxing evening out of it!read more
Simran J.
salmon sashimi was excellent. though, egg wrapper in specialty sushi roll was unfortunately pungent.read more
Derrick Y.
If you have any questions on the menu, ask for Yoshi. He will hook you up. Knows his stuff. Enjoy.read more
Julissa M.
Most faves: seafood yaki udon, beautiful Alaska roll & sushi lover (for 2). Actially, all dishes are great! Enjoy! :-)read more
Maggie B.
The food here is excellent! Beautiful presentation with eel sauce spicy mayo and some other wasabi sauce. Brilliant. Fried Ice cream!read more
Jeff L.
Greatest sushi lunch special in the city. And delicious. 3 Rolls for $10 during lunch even on weekends. We are talking 8 piece rolls too. I suggest the salad because I could bath in the dressing.read more
Cornelia C.
Fresh sushi and nice selection! Ask for their special rolls off the menu. Our go to sushi spot.read more
Kat S.
What everyone else said: eat just enough enough amazing sushi to satisfy your craving for fresh seafood, but leave plenty of room for the fried ice-cream.read more
Sarah M.
Cheap. Can't give extra sauce on the side even if you spend over $100. Skimp on the portions and give you old stuff, especially if you order a lot because they think you can't tell with more.read more
Allie H.
Seriously best sushi in Queens. The fish is always fresh and the service is phenomenal.read more
Kathryn R.
Excellent sushi and very reasonable pricesread more
Jean J.
Try the oh good roll. The name says it all!read more
Abraham R.
Daniel S.
Yaki udon is better than yaki soba.read more
Kai T.
Very good sushi for the price.read more
Maina G.
Nice place. Clean bathrooms.read more
Arielle C.
By far the best Sushi in Queens! Excellent staff.read more
Mike B.
One of my favorite places in all of NY. Hamachi/yellowtail HELLA buttery!read more
Liz D.
Fresh food cozy clean restaurant ambient atmosphere ! Amazing staffread more
Sharon T.
Hidden Mango Roll and 3 roll lunch combo is all you needread more
Jane S.
Eat here for their really inexpensive lunch specialsread more
Arielle C.
The fish is always the freshest & the uni is amazing!read more
Great sushi, great prices: Love love love this place, I've gone there since it opened and have never been disappointed, its high end sushi at Queens prices. Nice decor, good service, delicious sushi, fantastic presentation, the tom yam soup is the best I've ever…read more


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