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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Waffle House

Traditional American, $, Breakfast

14951 Marsh Ln

(972) 484-1723


Anthony G.
Great prices and good food how can you beat it.... Funny thing is for the same amount of food at IHOP it would cost you $9.00 but instead at the WH you...read more
Jose P.
I like this place because of their great tasting waffles. The All Star Special for breakfast is really worth the price. It includes waffle,eggs,...read more
Cassidy T.
Worst service ever. My boyfriend ordered TOGO with a full list of what to get, he showed it to the waitress, and somehow she got it completely wrong. Our...read more
Michael B.
Employees smoke in the lobby next to you and have bad hygiene. Food is good but the environment overall will run most people off. Crowded on Sundays.read more
Taylor B.
Welcome to the past. Smoking allowed, place is dirty, food is nasty. But hell if that's not the way I love it. Best waffles, friendly staff, pdq service, and e-cig friendly are the upsides.read more
Lucas H.
It's a dump but it's a Waffle House so wtf did I expect?read more
Phillip C.
Gotta get a waffle.read more
Josiah N.
Service is terrible!!!read more
luis m.
Try the all star breakfast awesomeread more
Tristan R.
Crowded on Sunday!read more


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