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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Waffle House Inc

Traditional American, $, Breakfast

2362 Valwood Pkwy

(972) 620-0261


Rosie O.
I hate that they allow smoking here. I do love those scrambled eggs w cheese & waffles though.read more
laneka g.
I love the waffle house and I refused to leave texas without eating some waffle house. my order never changes a waffle smothered and covered hashbrowns...read more
Allen G.
Eat here and you too can smell like a freakin chimney. We were the only non-smokers in the place. Yecch.read more
Mike S.
The coffee is good at 3:00am. Never had any probs here , cops are always close by.read more
Amy H.
Non-Smoking people only need to inhale once to smoke their air.read more
Billy S.
Don't get maced in the parking lot.read more


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