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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Wah Hoo

Asian, Carry Out, Sushi

536 Shelby St

(313) 324-8700


Courtney C.
Read some of the reviews before coming here but tried it anyway. I'm really happy I did! Our server was attentive, funny and made our dinner even more...read more
Marv A.
Went here a few months ago with some coworkers. I got sushi rather than Chinese. All the Chinese offerings seemed overpriced for what they were. I remember...read more
Rocky R.
We were looking for a place to eat and looked out our hotel window and saw Wah Hoo, saw it was a sushi restaurant and said Wah Hoo! The service was very...read more
Ken M.
In downtown Detroit? Wah Hoo has free internet and the best Chinese Sushi in the midwest.read more
Ginger L.
Very slow service. In town for a conference they were not prepared for.read more
Lynn R.
Great sushi...great food...reasonable prices for downtown :)read more
jess j.
Go to Ignite or FIshbones instead. Slow, rude, mediocre, overprices, under staffed, questionable freshness.=/read more
Eddie P.
I had the worst service every including the manager. I eat at restaurants 5 days a week as I travel extensively.read more
Heather R.
very slow for lunch hour, wouldn't recommend to anyone who has only an hour. better sushi can be found at Fishbone near Greektown. I also agree the service was very poor.read more
Michael G.
Decent happy hour deals from 2-4 m-f. Mmmm, cheap drinks.read more
Juliauna N.
A fun accessible little gem in the Financial District - Save some $ by ordering the "Maki Lunch Special" which fills you to the brim for $10 (Soup or Salad, 1 Cali and 1 Spicy Tuna roll) =)read more
Lori L.
Haven't had a problem with service, freshness, or splitting checks. The crab rangoon, egg drop soup, lettuce wraps, all delicious. Sushi rolls are small but tasty.read more
Therran O.
New place and I love it. Best egg rolls in the Dread more
Stephanie G.
The sushi is the best ever!read more
a serious Must haveread more
Ron N.
Love the food here!read more
Nikki C.
They close at 8 pmread more
No handicap-friendly entranceread more
Melissa Gardner B.
More brilliant than tanzanite!read more
Josh R.
I'm the mayor and Sushi Kaaaang! That's wassupread more
Jenai H.
Great food but the service is lacking.read more
Darren A.
It's kodi with a k. Lovely arse thoughread more
Spencer A.
4 words: sweet and sour lobsterread more
Alec H.
Ask for Angela!read more


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