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Whole Foods Market

Grocery, Health Markets, Grocery Store

2375 E. 1st Ave.

(720) 941-4100


Jesse D.
Best Whole Foods in Colorado for breakfast pastries, cakes, sweets, lunch options and other made to order foods. I stop by 3 times a week for fresh...read more
LaTonia W.
Nearly everytime I come here, there is some dweeb in the parking lot that's pees me off. People, the parking is not ample. Let's all just get along! I...read more
Jason H.
This place is incredibly difficult to park at. We were in the garage on the second level and it is close to impossible to get to Whole Foods from there. On...read more
Morgan B.
90% of the customers here are oblivious to the world while shopping. Be warned.read more
Jeremy J. L.
Best Organic selection in town. Best location too. Try the Pepperoni Free Range Pizza.read more
Vuka on sale at whole foods til the end of the month...come check it outread more
Anth√łny C.
Love this place try the the meat lovers pizza with the honey mustard delicious!read more
Kristen S.
Do you need your fruit? While you are here...be sure to grab the chocolate covered mangos!read more
Chad B.
Looking for a sandwich from the hot bar? The Georgetown "Geni" is hard to beat.read more
Derek C.
Use the parking garage to avoid the aggressive entitled Cherry Creek white women in SUVs they can't seem to park.read more
Ellen DeGeneres
While you're here, you may as well pick me up a birthday gift. And if you do that, you'll have to come to my birthday show! Go to http://ellentv.com/birthdaytix/ & enter code ELLEN54 to win tickets!read more
Mary D.
Right now this Whole Foods has four tamales for $5 with a bunch of free condiments (guac, salsa, mango salsa, yellow and white cheeses, green chile). Delicious, generous servings and vegetarian optionread more
Jennifer L.
Park in the garage and have your ticket validated at the cash register. Much better than dealing with the chaos of that parking lot, especially on the weekend.read more
JimmyJam O.
Hey Denverites!! The PLU for bulk red lentils is 5280. Give them a try.read more
Leonardo D.
Unbeknownst to many, the chefs in the sushi area will create rolls and sushi to order. Get creative!read more
Jared H.
Favorite Whole Foods secret? Their burrito bar. It made me forget Chipotle and Qdoba even exist.read more
Kelli T.
Tiramisu cups are a perfect little bite of sweetness to end any meal.read more
David N.
Busy busy parking, outstanding storeread more
Gordon B.
Best pizza in denver, strangely enoughread more
Gordon B.
Best pizza in denver, strangely enoughread more
Michel W.
The best place for Gourmet/Gourmand.read more
Mo J.
The noodle bowls are outstanding!read more
Tim A.
Worst parking lot everread more
Look for Vuka Energy drinks!read more
Gordon B.
Best pizza in denver, strangely enoughread more
Gordon B.
Best pizza in denver, strangely enoughread more
Mark P.
Check out their burger bar. One of the best burgers in Denver!read more
Kristen S.
Chocolate covered mangos are the best + salad bar is the shiznit!read more
Kate C.
Don't come here for dinner unless you want a panic attackread more
Alex S.
More full-featured than the junior WF down the street.read more
Punk S.
I'm in your fancy store, and I'm a dawg!read more
Don't forget to grab a Vuka while you are here!read more
Emily D.
Try the breakfast bar!read more


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