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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Wing Lee Bakery

Cheap Eats, Dim Sum, Local Favorite

503 Clement St

(415) 668-9481

Jason B.
Full lotus. Quintessential yoga position: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_position Quintessential Chinese bakery offerings: Har Gow (shrimp dumpling)...read more
Vicky J.
Decent dim sum to go. There are a few tables but since I live so close I prefer to get things to go and eat it at home. I also don't have to deal with...read more
Mark C.
The Steamed Pork Bun here features untraditional brownish bread, that looked like it was made with whole wheat. This departure from tradition for the bread,...read more
Katie B.
Price went up a bit I think.. And the place is so small with long lines :-( But their egg custards, sui mai, and BBQ pork buns are all pretty good.read more
Nicholaus G.
Shark Fin Gow, Corriander Gow, Chinese Doughnut = The Three Chinese Horsemen of Yummynessread more
Ed S.
If you eat anything with bones, be careful! They chop things in such a way that leaves bones chips and splinters. So chew slowly, else you'll chip a tooth :(read more
Yes the dim sum is delicious, but force yourself to look past it to the vat of chicken ginger jook. Tear up a Chinese donut, stir it in with some chili sauce and go to town.read more
Rachel N.
Gigantic, healthy, authentic tasting, and very cheap what else do you need to convince you? I am Chinese and I can't find anything to grumble about. My favorite place to eatread more
Cherylynn N.
For the health conscious: Wheat BBQ Pork, Chicken, and sausage buns.read more
Hana N.
Cash only. really glorious hole in the wall. closes at 6 in weekdaysread more
Patrick W.
The BBQ pork is quite good. $6/lbread more
Kelly P.
2 dish + rice = $4.75read more
Candice D.
Fave pork buns in sfread more
local richmond spot for cheap dim summyread more
Cameo W.
Go out for dim sum. If it's packed, try Good Luck.read more
Lily T.
Supa cheap dim sum. Also have whole wheat BBQ pork bunsread more
Baked pork bun + chicken jook = breakfast of champs!read more
Aaron S.
Best BBQ Pork Bunsread more


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