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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


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80 N Milpitas Blvd

(408) 956-9464


Josephine C.
This is always my to-go place if I'm craving for wings. One of the employees has the same name as my friend and I! So every time we go together, we'd both...read more
Duy N.
This Wingstop will give you nightmares. Seriously, between my boyfriend and me, there were strange and vivid dreams of cats laying eggs and foster children...read more
Kenny N.
Surprised I've been here a million times and I still haven't written a review. The food is pretty decent and consistent. The fries are great, but get cold...read more
Lucas D.
Fries were obscenely salted. The minis were chicken patties on butter drenched rolls. Grossread more
Christopher L.
Great Wings and Friendly Service at this location. Don't be afraid to try the Mango-Habanero.read more
Cishanie L.
DON'T eat here!!! They dropped my chicken on the dirty counter!!! Then they put it back in my food!!!!read more
Jorge A M.
call ahead or order online for faster service or be prepared to wait - original hot and louisiana rub are perfect (atomic will burn twice) - add veggie sticks and avoid the rolls...read more
Laurel S.
Try the original hot, stay away from the mild, and make sure to get coleslaw!read more
Kevin M.
The lemon pepper is a popular favorite, can't go wrong with that flavor.read more
Cliff H.
Louisiana is surprisingly good!read more
Dani R.
Hawaiian Gliders are amazing!read more
Jonathan M.
Service sucks, so slow.read more
Bryant B.
$0.50 boneless wings on Tuesdaysread more
Jason P.
Stay away from the teriyaki! You'll regret it!read more
Pedro P.
Pretty nice place to chill at n play pretty good musicread more
Cishanie L.
No music, sitting down to eat is a little boring.read more
Johnny E.
I like turtles....read more


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