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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Wooden Charcoal Korean Barbecue House

Group Dining, Korean, Late Night Dining

4611 Geary Blvd

(415) 751-6336


Christopher L.
Ok so here's the deal everyone... this place is open until... 03:00... A M... Yeah, that's right, three in the a/m for all you late night gourmets. So...read more
Kevin L.
One of those restaurants I go often but never remember to write a review. It's awesome in all ways as always. The service is totally on point and food is...read more
Paintball N.
Not my first choice of Korean establishments in the city. Don't expect friendly service, just get your food, eat up and say goodbye. It does get pretty...read more
Masayoshi S.
I have no idea why people talk about Brothers (another BBQ place) but not this one. no gas, real charcoal!read more
Luv the food, open til the crack of dawn n dont plan on going out after if you BBQ at the table unless you know your man loves the smell of grilled meat!read more
This place is not overpriced at all. The same price and atmosphere that Brother's has. Although they don't have odeng for their banchan (side dishes). One thing though, their raw beef dish isn't good.read more
Vince B.
You can only BBQ at the table with a minimum of 2 entree orders...well worth it, bring friendsread more
Jon K.
Good food, but pricey for a Korean BBQ. $12 for a bottle of soju is pretty high.read more
Dezmond C.
It was really good and tastyread more
Bhaskar N.
Definitely try the raw beefread more
Cook at your table and enjoy fantastic kim chee.read more
Kelly C.
Really friendly hostess. She immediately served me tearead more
Lauren H.
Ate here b/c My Tofu House was closed... Not bad but spendy as everyone saysread more
Neville B.
Overpriced!read more


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