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Japanese, Sushi Bars, Catering

117 Chiswick Rd.

(617) 787-8881


Joe J.
One star for Food, Two stars for all you can eat option. To reiterate what others have said, the sushi quality here is a "C" maximum. They move insanely...read more
Sharon F.
As a west coast girl, I sorely miss the type of cheap and delicious AYCE joints. Thankfully Yamato is there to tide me over. There's a great selection of...read more
Virginia T.
I think even 1 star may be a bit too generous here. Don't be fooled by the ayce deal, this place has barely edible sushi. Rolls are padded to the max with...read more
Avoid the wait: make reservations. Pace yourself. Order a good amount the first round then go from there. Enjoy! :)read more
NurBaity F.
Awesome! All you can eat sushi and other appetizers :) dinner is great, no wonder they keep busyread more
Kenny W.
Good sushi for its price. Plus its all you can eat! Expect to wait a while for your food thoughread more
Jason K.
A good friend says "order in bulk early on so that you don't get full while waiting for round two"read more
alex m.
If all you can eat sushi scares you, don't be frightened. The majority of the customers are Asian so it has to be good.read more
Boston R.
All You Can Eat buffet - sushi, appetizers, katsu, teriyaki, etc. Lunch is $16, dinner is $23 or $24 depending on night. Great quality, amazing value.read more
Customer service is very poor especially during dinner time. Make sure u order what u can eat because they will charge u for leftovers. I suggest to come here during lunch time for better service.read more
All-You-Can-Eat Sushi, Rice, Teriyaki, Crispy Crab (crab rangoons), Tempura, and more! Yummy! But the long wait for the food is making me real hungry! :( Currently waiting for fried ice cream!read more
"Fried crab" on the menu is actually crab rangoon. The katsu dishes are super oily.read more
Stefanie K.
They say "all-you-can-eat sushi", but really it also includes a lot of good hot kitchen foods too. A really good deal for the hungry!read more
igor k.
Make sure your order is not lost or partially lost. Happened to me twice... Coincidence or cost control in "all you can eat"?..read more
Vijay R.
All you can eat for $20 dinner. Even as a vegetarian I was stuffed and satisfiedread more
Nathaniel H.
All you can eat sushi that isn't half bad = PERFECTread more
Thas S.
The white tuna sashimi is great! Very buttery and cold.read more
Karen P.
The fried rice oozes oil - would avoid.read more
Thas S.
Get the Star's maki. Totally awesome!read more
Kelly W.
All you can eat is amazing!read more
Alessia F.
Cheap all you can eat. Nice sushi!read more
Teresa V.
Super! If you love Sushi, then this is the place to be!!read more
Lillian W.
Yummy steak, decent all-you-can-eat sushi. Merry Christmas!read more
This place gets packed during dinner! Cut the wait time and make reservations.read more
Carolyn C.
Get here early so it's not as busy and all of your orders will come in quicker!read more
Maikelar ..
Get here early, parking will be available an the service will be much faster.read more
Kate S.
If you don't finish your food, they charge you double so order with caution.read more
Agatha Y.
Take your time otherwise you will be an easy victim of food comaread more
Rachel M.
Unlimited sushi buffet <3read more


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