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Yuki Sushi

Japanese, Asian, Sushi

1140 Lincoln Ave

(408) 287-9854


Bomb D.
Yuki is what every sushi restaurant should emulate. I would eat at Yuki sushi 6 days a week if I lived in San Jose. The seventh day would be reserved for...read more
Chang L.
Feels authenticated Japanese food Seafood hotspot is good Soft shell crab overpricedread more
Britt D.
Coming here for the first time during the week wasn't too bad. I've always passed by on the weekends, and the wait is super long! With a Yelp check in you...read more
Travis M.
If $500 a month doesn't make me the mayor... Someone's cheating. Looks lime I'm making happy hour at Yuki a few more times a week.read more
Stacey W.
Ordered the chicken teriyaki and it had tendons all through it. Oh, and it was cold. Everything else was good though.read more
Shayan S.
Great place for vegan Sushi... lot's of options, pretty decent rolls, good sake, and a good willow glen viberead more
Order all your rolls with brown rice instead, tastes the same but better for your heartread more
Eduardo H.
Order a dragon roll with a rainbow roll top... Most awesome suggestion from our waiter!!read more
Lee E.
Good food but somewhat Americanized. Surprisingly good udon. Very crowded and loud but can still be fun. Service can be hit or miss at times.read more
mark h.
order the sashimi moriawase appetizer and avoid carb load-up (resist temptation for paying $1.75 more to get the "meal" with miso soup, rice and salad.read more
mark h.
ask the sushi chef if he has "toro" sushi. he will say no, they don't carry it. but if enough of us ask for it, maybe they'll change. what credible sushi place doesn't have toro?read more
Nick P.
The waitresses were quick to get refills and orders. One of the sushi chefs was very rude. We asked what he was making, and after the third time he threw the daily special sheet on our table.read more
Sushi and Japanese for less than $15. They draw a crowd so get there a little early. Voted best Japanese in town, dine in or takeout. Caution, they make things spicy.read more
Rebecca W.
Fantastic!!! We went to Yuki for V-day as a family. Everyone had a great time and great food! The kids had as much fun as the adults. Our waitress was awesome as usual!read more
Sarah G.
Super good sushi and the staff is very friendly. I always get great service here!read more
Crystal C.
Waitresses are nice and hospitable but the sushi chef gives little to no service. Sushi is fresh but not worth to dine in especially at the sushi bar.read more
They have brown rice for substitution and great place for SJ Sharks sightings :-Dread more
Benjamin N.
Uni, hamachi, sapporro, and sake...on pointread more
Rich S.
Tess and I had another great dinner at Yuki!read more
Gina T.
Urban Myth, The Big Pavelski, mmmmMM!read more
Rachel B.
The Big Pavelski roll is amazing.read more
Emily C.
This place is amazing!read more
Joey C.
order the SPICY TUNA SALAD!!!!read more
Larry B.
These may be best rolls in town. Try red dragonread more
Meghan F.
Tetsu is amazing! Try his roll... it is super yummy!read more
Carli M.
Get the BIg Pavelski roll. Not on the menu yet, but super yummy!!!read more
mario a.
Try the Zero Fighter. Awesome roll with spicy tuna and dried lotus root chips.read more
Eva Z.
Get the Yuki Salad to go with your fried rolls. So refreshing!read more
Gina T.
Get the Urban Myth, The Big Pavelski and/or The Shark Rollsread more
Andrea R.
This cutie works there ;) haha you know who you are.read more
Darrin K.
Really fresh fish - worth ordering the sashimi moriawase.read more
Greg C.
Get there early.read more


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