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Zippy's Nimitz

Carry Out, HAWAIIAN, Diner

666 N Nimitz Highway

(808) 532-4205


Carly H.
8.12.13. Entrance to this location is from the East-bound direction of Nimitz. I think any GPS system would describe it as a "slight left onto Pacific...read more
Karen C.
I usually go to the Zippy's Vineyard but with renovations I had to find other late night Zippy's to grab food from. Location isn't bad, parking at times not...read more
Joe P.
I have been to this Zippys on Nimitz and Pacific, not far from the airport a gazillion times. Most of the the visits have been after picking up rellies at...read more
Michael E.
Really cheap, good food and atmosphere. The large saimin was only four bucks!read more
Get a $5 gift certificate with $50 in gift card purchases!read more
Buttercup D.
Best. fried. chicken. ever. Can't get it in California!read more
Kahuna Matata
Try the Bread Pudding Ala Mode (via @Foodspotting)read more
Norv O.
As slow as it is I stll gotta wait for days just for them to take my order!!!read more
Electric B.
Good place for a pit stop before you leave town for the west. Or for the airport. Also applies in reverse.read more
Flip T.
Zippy's locations are dine in restaurants AND a separate take out area. The $ rating is more for the take out part. $$ is more realistic if you're dining inside, but has a greater selection.read more
Please vote for Zippy's in Pacific Business News' Social Madness http://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/exclusives/socialmadnessread more
Gina F.
Show your movie ticket stub for 10% off your bill.read more
Present your MOVIE TICKET STUB to your server & receive 10% OFF the entire menu!read more
Charlie P.
When in doubt, order a zip-pak. Fat, salty, friread more
❤Ƙҽ  ժ.
Portuguese Bean Soup. Period.read more
§uz E.
11/17/12: new menu, new prices...read more
Spam musubi now available!read more
John H.
Best coffee in the arearead more
Lester B.
open 24 hrs awesome.read more
Nicole K.
eclectic crowd during late nights.read more
Electric B.
Chili's good. Yup, the chili's good.read more
Try the Loco Moco and spot it on Foodspotting!read more
They're open open on Thanksgiving day!read more
Brandy K.
My opinion the best zippys on island!!read more
Kevin C.
Saimin totally sounds good right now!read more
Renee C.
DELiSH!! <3read more


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